Digital Opera

Pre-registration for participation in the fifth contest Digital Opera Performance 2023/24

Today, on the first day of summer, we open the pre-registration for participation in the fifth contest Digital Opera Performance 2023/24!
The competition for theatre digital scenography and directing will be held as part of the 5th International Festival of Contemporary Opera Art «Digital Opera Saint-Petersburg / Opera of the Digital Age».
The theme of the contest: «Pushkin's Tales. Life as a miracle».

The world of culture prepares to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin (June 6, 1799 — February 10, 1837) in 2024 — the great Russian poet, playwright and prose writer, who glorified himself and Russian literature throughout the planet. In honor of this significant event, we invite media artists and directors of theatrical multimedia to create with us a spectacular modern performance dedicated to the work of one of the most famous poets.

Musical accompaniment:

  • Alexander Dargomyzhsky, Rusalka opera
  • Mikhail Glinka, Ruslan and Lyudmila opera
  • Victor Pleshak, The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights opera
  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, The Golden Cockerel opera
  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Tale of Tsar Saltan opera

We invite junior specialists as well as practicing professionals in the theatre and event industry to participate — theatre directors, production designers, media artists. Traditionally, creative teams prepare a multimedia performance based on one piece of music chosen from the list of options offered by organizers.

The following is to be assessed: disclosure of the main ideas of the performance, originality and creativity, work with stage space, the level of preparation of video content, the originality of the director's and scenographic solution of the project, the level of proficiency in the artistic tools.

The gala-show of the contest will take place on April 23–24, 2024 on the historical stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Please pay attention to the changes in the rules of the contest.
These are the differences comparing to previous years:

  • There will be no division into several nominations.
  • The duration of each performance was increased: 10 minutes minimum and 15 minutes maximum.
  • A contract for the production of a performance for the Gala-show will be signed on a reimbursable basis with all 10 teams that reached the final.
  • The prize fund of the contest: 1st place — 500,000 rubles, 2nd place — 300,000 rubles, 3rd place — 200,000 rubles for a team or an individual participant.

For more details regarding the contest please follow the link