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Digital Opera Festival

Annual international festival and contest of theatre digital scenography and directing for young media artists and multimedia directors, that combines opera with contemporary digital art since 2019


Unique platform for a community of theatre directors and video artists specializing in progressive forms of digitalization and experimental digital modeling of opera and drama productions

Our goal is

To lead the process of synthesis of theatre and multimedia
Nadezhda Abramova.
Nadezhda Abramova
Founder and CEO of the festival
Sergey Novikov.
Sergey Novikov
Art director

Digital Opera

International contest of theatre multimedia scenography and directing

The festival is to demonstrate and popularize the usage of modern multimedia technologies in theatrical productions among specialized specialists, as well as to increase the audience’s interest in contemporary opera art.

Digital Opera

Award in the field of theatrical art for professionals of various theatrical specialties who create performances using multimedia tools

The award is to encourage production directors, multimedia directors, production designers and video content designers to create theatrical productions of various directions in synthesis with digital technologies.

Digital Opera

The core idea of Digital Opera festival is to attract the younger generation of spectators and employees to Russian theatres.

As well as to preserve, develop and popularize the cultural heritage, to encourage the aesthetic, spiritual growth of young people.

Digital Opera is always open for junior professionals, students and graduates who chose to study art and develop creative skills.


Digital Opera

We collaborate with a school club of Hermitage and Anichkov art studio.

We offer educational programs in animation.

Digital Opera Production

What we do

Museum projects

Museum projects.

Virtual digital museum or exposition with multimedia elements integrated into the exhibition space.

Multimedia scenography

Multimedia scenography.

Video content and scenography for theatres, including:

  • creation of photorealistic 3d locations,
  • creation of avatars, virtual copies of artists,
  • interactive content for the interaction of artists with virtual locations on stage,
  • creation of artistic content using neural networks and artificial intelligence,
  • creation of real-time effects,
  • sound visualization.

Projection mapping
3D mapping

Projection mapping Videomapping3D mapping.
  • Architectural video mapping
  • Interior video mapping
  • Projection on small objects
  • Landscape video mapping
  • Interactive video mapping

Complex activities

Complex activities.
  • Forums
  • Presentations
  • Mass holidays
Our projects

Pushkin’s Tails

Pushkin’s Tails.
Pushkin’s Tails.

In honor of the 225th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin, which will be widely celebrated in 2024, the theme of the next Digital Opera is Pushkin’s tales.

We invite media-artists and theatre multimedia directors to join us to create a spectacular modern performance dedicated to the work of one of the most famous poets of the world and the most valuable layer of Russian culture – tales.


The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita.

Премьера у Digital Opera и Самарского академического театра оперы и балета имени Д. Д. Шостаковича состоялась!

Опера «Мастер и Маргарита» Сергея Слонимского в постановке Юрия Александрова стала знаковым событием для всей российской культуры. Впервые в стране на сцене показано ее полномасштабное сценическое воплощение.

Над оперой работала творческая команда из самарских и петербургских мастеров, в числе которых и Digital Opera в лице арт-директора Сергея Новикова художника-постановщика спектакля и наших видеохудожников.


The Onegin
National Opera

The Onegin National Opera Awards.

19 ноября на исторической сцене Мариинского театра в восьмой раз лучшие исполнители и лучшие премьеры предыдущего театрального сезона получили бронзовых Онегиных за значимые достижения в оперном искусстве.

Награждение лауреатов сопровождалось масштабным гала-концертом, в котором принимали участие Ферруччо Фурланетто, Мария Баракова, Инара Козловская, Игорь Головатенко, Иван Гынгазов и Хибла Герзмава.

Digital Opera Saint-Petersburg стала частью этого события — всё оформление и видео контент премии создан Digtal Opera.

The Onegin National Opera Awards.

Lukomorye 2.0

Lukomorye 2.0.

Interuniversity marathon to create immersive multimedia installation “Lukomorye 2.0”, dedicated to the 225th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin.

The goal of the marathon is to help participants to improve professional competencies in the field of visual effects and to popularize Russian culture among young people.

Today, professional event industry lacks specialists which are able to quickly integrate into creative team, to effectively communicate with representatives of various creative and technical professions needed to create high-tech content.

Current educational programs mostly offer a limited skillset. While the modern theatre world is at the intersection of technology and art, it is important that young professionals learn how to create synthetic projects.


Peter the Great’s Paradise. The Flood

Peter the Great’s Paradise. The Flood.

The theme of the IV International Digital Opera festival is “Peter the Great’s Paradise. The Flood”

In 2022, for the first time, a contest was held in two categories – multimedia scenography and multimedia directing.

The theme of the competition was revealed through twenty pieces of music – instrumental excerpts, opera arias, choral parts and recitations. About 200 applications were sent to take part in the competition, about 60 were selected for participation. The multimedia show took place on the stage of the Hermitage Theatre.


XXXV Sobinov music festival

XXXV Sobinov music festival.

On May 20 – June 9, 2022, at the XXXV Sobinov Music Festival “Milestones of Russian History”, which was dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, we presented a large-scale open-air show on the embankment in Saratov. The show was developed by the Digital Opera team – Sergey Novikov, Pavel Sorokin and Alexei Boriskin.

The project brought to life 5 paintings from the life of the emperor, combining multimedia technologies with the music of a symphony orchestra.

XXXV Sobinov music festival.

Caprice of the Empress

Moscow operetta theatre

The premiere took place on June 10 and 11, 2022.
The stage director is Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana Konstantinova. Artist: Sergey Novikov.



Saint-Petersburg theatre of musical comedy

The premiere took place on October 25, 2022.
Stage director: Nikolai Pokotylo. Production Designer: Sergey Novikov.


Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet.

III Digital Opera festival has acquired international status in terms of participants

The theme of the contest was Shakespeare’s immortal work Romeo and Juliet. 120 applications were submitted and 49 teams were formed.

Each teams presented their projects during the qualifying round (pitching).


23 teams and individual participants advanced to the final, which took place on the stage of the concert hall “Jaani Kirik” at the Church of St. John the Apostle in St. Petersburg.


Russian operas

Russian operas.

The second Digital Opera festival was dedicated to the russian opera

Видео Русские Оперы.

Most of the events were held online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The festival program included a series of seminars and master classes, online lectures and creative meetings with Russian and foreign guests, including well-known designers, clip makers and multimedia directors Pavel Shapiro and Ernst Weber.

The final of the competition was held on the stage of the concert hall of the St. Petersburg State Film and Television Institute and was broadcasted live on television.


Digital Gonzaga

Digital Gonzaga.

The first Digital Opera 2.0 festival
It was held from October 1 to November 12, 2019.

The festival program included:

  • A series of professional round tables discussions and lectures by world-famous creators and experts in the field of opera.
  • Film screenings of world masterpieces involving the symbiosis of opera art and digital scenography.
  • Сontest of digital scenography projects which aim to recreate the scenery of famous artists who worked in Russian theatres in the 18th century — special project “Digital Gonzaga” at the Hermitage Theatre.
  • Multimedia performance Digital Gala with the participation of world opera stars on the stage of the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

The festival was attended by outstanding personalities: the world-famous theatre director and set designer Dmitry Chernyakov, head of the BelAir recording company Francois Duplas.

The author of the idea and the general producer of the festival is Nadezhda Abramova, the art director is Gleb Filshtinsky.


Journeys of poets

The multimedia project “Journey of Poets” is an interactive journey together with Gavriil Derzhavin, Alexander Pushkin and Nikolay Nekrasov. Archival materials from the funds of the National Pushkin Museum are used in this project. Created on the basis of these materials, interactive maps allow you to follow the life of great poets, get into their thoughts that arose in connection with visiting different places, see events through their eyes, understand how their childhood and youth passed.