Digital Opera


DO Production Services

Museum Projects

Virtual digital museum or exposition with multimedia elements integrated into the exhibition space.

Multimedia scenography

Video content and scenography for theatres, including:

  • creation of photorealistic 3d locations,
  • creation of avatars, virtual copies of artists,
  • interactive content for the interaction of artists with virtual locations on stage,
  • creation of artistic content using neural networks and artificial intelligence,
  • creation of real-time effects,
  • sound visualization.

Projection mapping, videomapping, 3D mapping

  • Architectural video mapping,
  • Interior video mapping,
  • Projection on small objects,
  • Landscape video mapping,
  • Interactive video mapping

Complex activities

  • Forums,
  • Presentations,
  • Mass holidays,
  • Private events,
  • Lectures,
  • Excursion support.

Video production

  • Commercials for television and internet,
  • Videos for social networks,
  • Television programs,
  • Representative films,
  • Congratulatory films.