Digital Opera

«A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it»

Yesterday, DigitalOpera team hosted a literary meeting at the apartment-museum of A. S. Pushkin.

The lecture «A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it» turned out to be extremely useful and applied for the participants of the Digital Opera Saint-Petersburg 2023/24 festival, dedicated to the poet’s legacy. The knowledge gained from expert speakers will be helpful while looking for depth in the meanings of Pushkin’s works and interpreting plots more boldly.

Sergei Nekrasov, director of the nationwide Museum of A. S. Pushkin, spoke about how important and interesting it is to understand Pushkin’s texts in the context of the events of his life, how people and situations were woven into the narrative, how heroes, known to the reader from childhood, acquire voluminous personality and an understandable line of behavior inherited from the prototypes of the real people of Pushkin’s environment.

Elena Stankevich, art critic, head of the methodological department of the Russian Museum, illustrated the connection between Pushkin's work and famous Russian artists. Vrubel, Bilibin, Goncharova and others, inspired by his works, created not only scenery for theatrical productions, but also independent paintings that gained worldwide recognition.


If you missed this lecture, don't worry! You can watch the video version by following the link