Digital Opera

Congratulations to the winners of DO_LUKOMORYE 2.0!

Yesterday, at the grand finale of the «PiterKIT» festival, the winners of the student project, jointly organized by the Department of New Media and Animation Directing at SPUFT and Digital Opera, were awarded. This project was an interuniversity marathon aimed at creating an immersive multimedia installation «DO_Lukomorye 2.0».

Students from various universities in St. Petersburg, specializing in creative and technical disciplines such as media design, web design, graphic design, lighting design, environmental design, multimedia directing, and other fields related to media content production, took part in the competition. Students from Russia, Iran, and China set a personal example of collaboration in the realm of art and technology, forging international friendships and expanding cultural ties.

Congratulations once again to the winners of DO_LUKOMORYE 2.0:

  • Grand Prix — «Royal Gambit» project, team «Zhili Byli»
  • Best Idea — «Golden Cursor» project, team «Golden Cursor»
  • Best Directing — «Neighboring Block» project, led by Anastasia Knyazeva
  • Best Artistic Implementation — «Lukomorye in Persian Miniature» project, team «Persian Lukomorye»
  • Best Creative-Technical Innovations — «Eastern Tales» project, team W.I.T.C.H.