Digital Opera

32 projects passed the first pitching of the qualifying stage

The results of the first round of the qualifying stage have been compiled, with 32 teams advancing to the next phase. They will refine their projects under the guidance of curators until the digital promo-performance is showcased in a 3D model in February. Digital Opera Performance extends its congratulations to the participants and wishes them inspiration for their ongoing work!

What attracts the best video artists and progressive directors to Digital Opera Performance? The answer is simple — the competition offers them the opportunity for creative experimentation, collaboration, and the realization of innovative ideas. When combined with the challenges of a complex setup involving multi-layered projection surfaces and detailed architectural mapping, each year brings something new for those who are confident in their abilities and seek to further enhance their skills.

Creative challenge: Complex setups and multi-layered projection surfaces allow for the creation of deeper and multi-level visual effects, enhancing the narrative of the performance and conveying emotions and moods to the audience.

Maximum visibility: Rich and unconventional projections enrich the scenography, creating an impressive effect for the audience. This aspect is particularly crucial for the increasingly popular digital productions, where visual elements play a significant role.

Interactivity: The use of multiple surfaces for projections opens up opportunities for interaction with artists, choirs, and orchestras, leading to the creation of unique and memorable moments during the performance.

Multitasking: At Digital Opera Performance, individuals must be adept at coordinating visuals with music, artists, lighting, and other performance elements, whether working as part of a team or independently, in order to create a successful performance.
This project is made possible with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.